This is a little amateur writing side-project I’ve embarked on. I hope this will be a series of meditations, mainly for myself and friends so interested, in order to cultivate my thoughts and writing. You’ll find me influenced by my job (engineering and statistics), my hobbies (being outside), my cultural heritage (Afrikaans), but mostly my attempts at realising what God is like. I hope that it will be thought-provoking, regardless of whether you agree with me or not.

In many ways, this will become a catalogue of what I once believed.

Please feel free to comment on both style and content.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Randomly came across your blog – I am also a trained engineer and of afrikaans origin, with a keen interest in topics you have covered and starting a similar blog. Your posts are thought-provoking indeed! Thanks for the inspiration – hopefully it will translate into actually starting to write.

  2. Halo Herman, ekt toevallig op jou blog afgekom – was besig om ‘n nota te skryf in my Mirror Bybel oor die Septuagint en oa ook oor die LXX se rendering van Isa 53:10 – waar ini wereld is jy – kan ek jou epos – sou graag wou kontak maak! Groetnis, Francois du Toit


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