Finding Faith: The Cycle of Naïvety

A New Heaven and a New Earth

Sustainable Progress?

The Jevons Paradox

Morality and God: Is there a Connection? An analysis of the Lennox-McKaiser debate

Poetry and Penal Substitution in Isaiah 53

Penal Substitution, the Suffering Servant, and the Septuagint

What do you want?

The Birds

Sin: A Sceptic’s Guide

Divine Wr*th


The Cross as Event

A Forgotten Key to Spiritual Growth

What the cross is not

A Theology of Statistics VI: Unlucky Christians

A Theology of Statistics V: Is God Probable?

A Theology of Statistics IV: Miracles, Meddling and Modernism

A Theology of Statistics III: To the Score of Beautiful Physics

A Theology of Statistics II: What are the Chances?

A Theology of Statistics I

The Trouble with TED


YOLO, 13th-Century Style

The Quotable Dallas Willard – Part II

The Quotable Dallas Willard

How to Enjoy a Poem

Zen Koans

Optimal Beliefs

The Things We Used To Believe


The God Elusion

What of those who have never heard? Part II

Zen Poetry

The Semiotic Argument Against Naturalism

The Quotable Donald Miller

What of those who have never heard?



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